Hoarder Cleanout on Lakeside Blvd Boca Raton


Recently, ECS did a hoarder cleanout in Boca Raton. I really believe that as we get older it becomes more and more challenging to keep up with the home, townhome or condo. In this case the parent of my client had lived in this exclusive community for the past 10 years before passing by natural causes.


Some hourder cleanouts have a large degree of unhealthy conditions brought on be lack of cleaning. This was not one of those cases. In this case it was the desire to never get rid of anything and a strong desire to always by new things. Let's face it buying something new has a great feeling to it.


However, what this leads to is a "clean" hoarder situation where it is difficult to move around the condo on a daily basis. In her case she had filled up the master bedroom with so much clutter that she could no longer get to the bed. This forced her to retreat from the master to the guest bedroom. Oddly enough, based on the amount of pastasio nut shells everywhere she had a deep fancy for them. I have to tell you I like them a lot too.


This was a cleanout and renovation project. It required 3 days to remove everything. Please note there was a lot that we donate on their behalf and the charity provided them with a nice size credit and a donation receipt for their taxes.

After removing everything the condo was left with outdated wall paper that made the place look like something from the 1950's. ECS removed all the wall paper and re-plastered the walls making everything look new again. If you have ever done wall paper removal, then you know it is the absolute worse.


Cleanouts and Renovations can be full of surprises. Once we found a Possom living in a home. But in this case we discovered that the toilet in the master bedroom had been leaking for days and it had damaged the wall directly behind the toilet. This required changing the L valve, replacing the cracked toilet, opening up the wall to check for mold and making sure everythig looked perfect.


We also, brought in an electrician that did several electrical repairs to assure everything was working perfectly.


Finally, the home was completely painted with the industry standard Swiss Coffee which is an off white. The condo was and is beautiful. We turned the property over to he realtor and within 2 days they had a over full price offer and the property was put under contract.



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