Construction Debris Removal in Miramar Parkway


ECS does both residential and Commercial cleanouts. While the majority of our cleanouts are residential our company is the go to company for Construction Companies that need to remove debris from a work site.


Some of the normal debris we remove includes:

  • • Sheetrock from demolition of walls
  • • Removed duct work from remodeling a commercial shell
  • • Drop ceiling removal to include all the metal and ceiling tiles
  • • Rugs, Wood and Tile Flooring

    The Before and After pictures provide on this page are from a last-minute construction cleanout or junk removal job. The construction company was on a tight schedule and needed to have debris moved within 3 hours in order, to start construction of the new store.

    Time is money and it is important for construction companies to stay on target and within a very tight budget.


    In this case the client was responsible for doing all the demolition, but ECS can do demolition work as well. We don’t do all types of demolition work. But we can handle most of the basic demolition work.


    The company is licensed, insured and we carry workmen’s comp insurance as well. In a job like this most for the debris is trashed. However, some of the metals can be dropped off at the scrap yard to be recycled. Before you get excited, there is really no money in recycling anything other than copper. Everything else is purely done to help save the world.


    When it comes to flooring, we remove rugs and padding. In this case we will remove the rug from the floor and cut it up for disposal. Rugs and Padding are very bulky and heavy.


    Tile on the other hand has to already be removed by your team and bagged in heavy duty construction bags. This type of flooring is extremely heavy and has a maximum cost to be dumped at the landfill. Expect to pay a premium.


    Most contractors don’t add the disposal of this debris to their estimates that they provide to customers because it inflates the price of their project greatly. So surprise surprise, the customer is usually left covering the cost to dispose of this debris.


    Construction Debris Removal

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