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Old Furniture Removed During Estate Clean up




Old Furniture Removed During Estate Clean up


So your parents home is full of funiture that you now need to get rid of? In some cases we see where siblings or executors of the estate spend multiple plane trips to the old home. Then they contact places like salvation army or goodwill to come and remove the furniture. All of this is really expensive and extremely time consuming. The worse situation is often times Goodwill and Salvation army after making your wait for a week actually show up and only take one or two pieces leaving you with the rest still needing to disposed of. ECS can for a fee take the furniture to the salvation army as part of our delivery service. But they still may say they do not want it and you have to end up disposing of it at the landfill. The rule of thumb is unless the furniture is somewhat modern and in excellent shape with no scratches goodwill nor salvation army will take it.

Another service that we provide for a fee is doing a craigslist sale. Putting your furniture on craigslist or letitgo.com will bring almost no takers in a short period of time unless you put down the cost of the item at $1.00. This will bring the people in and will get rid of some items if again they are in good condition and with out scratches. We charge a fee for each 5 hour period we sit at your house.

Estate Cleanup Services is the premier Property Cleanout Services to assist you in removing all your furniture from your old home.

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