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Garbage Pickup

Garbage Collection in the New World


The company is building a garbage collection process that will revolutionize the garbage collection process. This will include being able to scale equipment and hardware in a easy manner based on the environment. The company is using new software and systems to provide this new ability and strategy.

The company has solved many of the problems and made the effort easy for the most basic staff to be able to execute. The new system provides a user friendly interface that provides easy selection for all the different options.

There use to be a time when garbage collection required a driver and 2 back riders going up and down neighborhoods on predefined routes. The 2 back riders would jump and off picking up trash cans and through the contents within into the back of a hydraulic smashing pit. Those days are obviously gone now as the society races to eliminate human labor in order to save cost.

This new technology requires only a driver and a computerized lifting fork to pick up trash on the side of the road. The driver simply needs to drive beside the colored trash can and the computer targets and watches for pedestrians at the same time. Soon this truck will be driverless and the computer similar to the entire trucking industry will be replaced with driverless vehicles.

When it comes to bigger trash jobs many communities have quarterly trash put out days. This is when the people that live in these communities can place all of their unwanted furniture, books, trash, tires and pretty much everything accept food trash on to the side of the road. The Garbage collector will show up with a much bigger truck that has a grabbing fork on it. The grabbing fork grabs down at the piles of junk similar to what you might see a junk yard and horst the junk and trash into the Garbage truck. For now, there is a small cleanup crew that does some basic cleaning and the job is done.

The new technology or computer systems are all about balancing out the pickup load and assuring that the crews are sent as quickly as possible to the areas that are needed the most. The system will identify hot spots that have more frequent garbage collection.

In most cases ECS which specializes in estate cleanouts utilizes various sizes of trucks to remove all junk and trash from a house. For really big jobs for example a hoarder house may need 4, 5, 12 dumpsters in order to get everything out in a cost affective manner.

Note, ECS proves estate cleanout services and restoration services. The primary function is to help people who have lost family members and now need to get a family home ready to be sold or rented. ECS provides cleanouts, minor repairs and painting.

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